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As mentioned on the front page, Web Design is one of the hobbies of which I partake. I like to see what I can do with the design process and implementation of a web site. Although I can do some fairly advanced things with web design, I cannot compete with the "big boys" and the multitude of very cool things you see on some web sites. I do not have the experience, knowledge, or time involved - this is, after all, a hobby. I do it because I enjoy it and the extra income is helpful. So, what I can give you is a basic, functional web site. Nothing elaborate or too high tech, but you have a good looking, functional site to work with...


It is my philosophy that anyone who has something to share, whether it is a market place with items for sale or services they can offer, should have a web site to promote what they do. See information on the benefits of having a web site.


Some research I've done indicates that web sites of the caliber I design (small, functional designs) can cost anywhere from $999 to $1,500 to get started. My usual pricing is more in the range of $500 to $1,000, depending on the project and how involved it is. After implementation, I charge $30 per hour for maintenance. Depending on how often you need updates, this can be relatively inexpensive. The minimum is $30 a month - mainly because I maintain your web site on my computer and can replace it on the web immediately if there is ever a problem with the server. It is, in effect, an insurance policy. Most updates are relatively quick and easy to do, and I keep track of my time and bill accordingly. I can assist with a hosting site to show your web site, and a domain name if needed.



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