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A bio...all authors should have some kind of a bio, shouldn't they? So here is some information about me...


I am a counselor/academic advisor at Wayne State College. I'm also the international student advisor, so I have a wide variety of duties.


To go back a little bit, before I began doing any writing, I need to briefly mention life before becoming a counselor. I married the love of my life, Janet, a year after graduating from high school and then preceded to spend approximately 14 years working as an automotive mechanic. I was a decent mechanic and had been to a school in Laramie, Wyoming, called Wyoming Technical Institute, for training. Along the way, Janet and I managed to have two children. Due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was forced to change careers. Not having been that great of a student in high school, and being a mechanic, those I sought help from in a state agency were reluctant to send me to college, but I convinced them to let me try.


That's where I began to write. I completed an undergraduate degree with a double major in Psychology and went on for a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at Chadron State College. LOTS of papers to write! I discovered a talent for writing I didn't know I had. I could not tell you the mechanics of why something was not well written, but I could rewrite it and make it better. My first publication was in a refereed journal (the Nebraska Counselor) while in graduate school. At the end of my graduate program, and just prior to starting at WSC, I was the lead author on another article, published in the January 1998 Counseling & Values (ASERVIC) Journal. After joining WSC, I wrote another article that was published in the fall 2000 Journal of College Counseling.


When I started at WSC, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club was formed, and I joined with the group as one of the advisors. Over the intervening years the other advisors have all fell by the wayside and I'm the last one standing. My interest in writing fiction was fueled by my interactions with the Club, and I began writing science fiction and fantasy (what else?) stories. After winning the WillyCon short story contest for a couple of years, I stopped submitting to it. The authors who came over the years all said I had potential and should start sending my stories around the circuit. I'm not a prolific writer, and tend to spend a lot of time on each piece I write to try and make it the best I can. So I only have six stories completed, but I did begin sending them out and received several very nice, and some not so nice, rejection letters. Throughout this time, I enrolled in several fiction writing classes at WSC to improve my skills.


Then grandchildren came around, and I was so busy that my writing took a back seat. I kept telling myself I'd get back to the writing, but so far it hasn't happened. My one success was to sell two short stories to a couple of online magazines.


Then along comes the opportunity to have ALL SIX of my stories published. The WSC Press was interested in publishing my stories as a collection in a book! Thanks to Chad Christensen, my editor, we made a few changes to make them better and he was able to convince the Press to allow all six stories to be included even though the book would be longer than they originally planned. He was great to work with and I appreciate his help!


Having my stories published in Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories has rekindled the flame and I hope to get back to writing again in the near future... I've missed it and would like to see what ideas I can come up with next! Who knows - I might have another book in me yet...



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Professional Publications:


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Creative Writing Publications:


For Love of Humanity Not. Published by in the spring 2012 issue of Shelter of Daylight, pages 83-94. Shelter of Daylight is a biannual publication of Sam's Dot Publishing, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories. Published by the WSC Press in 2010.

ISBN: 978-0-9823828-1-3


For Love of Humanity Not, by R. D. Vick - First Place Winner in the adult category of the SF & F Club's Short Story Contest and published in the WillyCon IV program book in April 2002. Published online at in April of 2006 and again in September of 2006 in a “Best of Afterburn SF Edition.” This story is one of the six stories included in Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories published by the WSC Press in 2010 as part of the Kloefkorn Series.


Rip Van Kyle, by R. D. Vick (original title Strange New Beginnings) - Published in Volume 2, Issue 1, September 2000 (ISSN 1528- 3151) edition of the E-Zine: Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales. Unfortunately, it seems this zine has disappeared... It was also selected as the winning entry for the WillyCon short story contest and published in the WillyCon program book of this year.